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E-Safety Competition Winners

Today is Safer Internet Day and we are delighted to announce the following winners of our E-Safety competition:

Senior School KS3 Winner 

“Stay safe and do your bit to stop cyber bullying: Recognise the bully, Remove your details, Retain some evidence, Report them and Relax!” Shonali, Y9



Senior School KS4 Winner 

“Remember there’s always a face behind the screen…” Anya, Y11


Senior School Runners Up

“Never meet up with people you are talking to online” Bonnie, Y7

“Don’t tell strangers where you live, your phone number or where you go to school. Only your family and friends need to know that” Sophie, Y7

“Never cyberbully people because it is a crime and the consequences are tough” Mira, Y8

“Stay away from strangers on the Internet. They might be your friend on your computer, but remember they are still strangers” Zaynabh, Y8

“A password protects important and confidential documents. Remember not to share you passwords with anyone, even your best friend” Adele, Y9


Junior School Winner

“Don’t give away your information to strangers – you wouldn’t leave your own front door wide open, would you?” Anna, Y5


Alice House Winner

“Be e-Smart and play your part. Keep you login and password safe for a better internet for everyone!” Sophie, Y2


Alice House and Junior School Runners Up

“If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a parent or teacher” Fatima,  Y3

“Watch out for strangers online; don’t give out any personal information. If you suspect anything fishy tell an adult. Be smart, be safe” Shreya, Y3

“Don’t talk to strangers for you may be in danger” Zahra, Y4

“If a stranger asks to come to your house, say NO!” Natarsha, Y4

“Chats online can be fun, but who lies behind you could be yet to find” Grace, Y5

“Don’t say something to someone online that you wouldn’t say to their face” Katie, Y5

“Be safe. Be sensible. Be careful. Be responsible.” Anesu,  Y6

“Be safe online. Don’t bully” Anna, Y6


Well done to everyone who took part!


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