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Design is everywhere!

Girls from Year 8 discovered that design is everywhere on their trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum. The visit inspired and informed the girls’ thinking on a range of design outcomes. They studied architectural structures, the Cast collection, contemporary and old glass designs, furniture design and both historical and cutting edge fashion design.

The main highlights of the day included the “Wind Portal”, a piece created from 5000 windmills powered by imperceptible air jets. The Architecture Gallery captured everyone’s curiosity and there was much excitement in the Fashion Collection as the girls viewed a wide range of styles from many different fashion designers.

This exciting and inspirational trip forms part of the girls’ Design and Technology, Textiles and Art studies.

Lauren “I didn’t know that this museum existed, I am amazed at what it has!”

Annabel “I can’t believe that everything in the “Cast” collection is not made of stone or metal, just plaster.”

Ellie “I want to make a model like those in the Architecture Gallery, how do you do that?

School Calendar

  • 13 Dec
    ABRSM Music Exams
  • 13 Dec
    Junior School Visit to Wizard Of Oz
  • 13 Dec
    Year 7 Festive Movie Night
  • 14 Dec
    AH/JS Christmas Shopping
  • 17 Dec
    Art GCSE Coursework Deadline