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Budding Engineers

Girls from Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to visit Jaguar Landrover on Tuesday, as part of the prize won by Phoebe Payne in the ‘Car of the Year 2050’ Model Competition. The girls spent the morning touring the factory; it was extremely interesting to see the robots building all the cars and watching employees working on the production lines. The girls were told that the type of Computing skills that they are now learning in school would be part of the process used to program the robots!


The afternoon was spent taking part in three activities: to reinforce their programming skills, to develop team building skills and to show the girls the organisational skills needed to run, and work on, a production line.  The girls had a wonderful time and learned a lot.

Perhaps a seed has been sown and there may be budding engineers or computer programmers from 4H who will work in this field in the future!

“I really enjoyed visiting JLR. I liked going round the factory and seeing the robots at work.” Libby

“I really love robots so to see them building cars was terrific. I also enjoyed all the activities we did.” Martha

“I loved our trip to JLR – especially the robots!” Maya

“My favourite part was working as a team to make twelve Lego cars as quickly as possible – rather like a production line. I also enjoyed the factory tour.” Grace

“It was amazing seeing all the robots making the cars and we got to see what it was like working on a production line.” Evie

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