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Alice House unveil Wonderland Quilt

Girls in Alice House were delighted to welcome Mrs Whittingham, former Head of Alice House, and Mr and Mrs Ridley into school for a special assembly. Mr Ridley is a textile artist who worked with the girls last November to create a quilt depicting Alice in Wonderland. The theme ties in with the 150 year anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s much loved and timeless classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

The character of Alice also has a strong links with our school and Mrs Whittingham talked to the girls in Year 2 about the history behind Alice House, our Nursery to Year 2 school. The name comes from the Aunt of the school’s founder Miss Tucker who in 1957 kindly gifted a property in Homer Road, Solihull to be used for the Kindergarten department. Auntie Alice was a much loved part of the school and the name Alice was used for the Head Girl in Alice House. She was assisted by four helpers called the Aces, named after the Ace of Diamond, Hearts, Spades and Clubs.

The classes were named after books or characters from books. Nursery were called Rabbits and Moles, Reception were Badgers, Year 1 were Peter Pan, Year 2 Treasure Island and Year 3 Wonderland.  Mrs Whittingham ended her visit by telling Year 2 one of her infamous ‘Susan’ stories.

Mrs Whittingham taught at Saint Martin’s for 34 years, and was Head of Alice House for 24 of those years. She retired 10 years ago.


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