Girls' Voice

Samantha Galbraith, Deputy Head Girl, Commemoration Speech

As part of the annual Prize Giving celebrations the Head Girl and Deputies give their reviews of the last academic year.



Samantha Galbraith, Deputy Head Girl

Saint Martin’s teaches you more than just what you need to know to do well in exams, it teaches you that it is good to be unique, it is good to do what you are passionate about, it is good to stand up for what you believe and this is clear from the wide range of opportunities available.

‘Richard the Third’ was a very different opportunity this year; it gave girls from all years including some of the Junior School the chance to work together. Mrs Stafford has always been known for her creative directing, however I think it’s safe to say that her creativity has been at full speed this year. Not only did we have a famous Shakespearean play performed to a professional standard, set on a chess board, we also had a 6 foot man eating plant. Of course these were not in the same performance, we’re creative but that’s a bit too farfetched. ‘Richard the Third’ was a great success and met with much high praise when it was performed for the Shakespeare’s School’s Festival. The school show this year was ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and was met with great enthusiasm by both girls and staff, as seen by the large number of Senior staff eaten to raise money, most notably Mrs Smith and Mrs Parker. The show was a huge success and was enjoyed by everyone who both participated and watched it. I’m sure that this year’s school play ‘Blood Brothers,’ will be equally well received especially as it is studied by the girls who take Drama as a GCSE.

Change is one of these bizarre concepts that we all accept must happen for us to continue evolving and yet it is still something that we are fearful of. For me particularly this year there will be a lot of change such as leaving Saint Martin’s, my home for the past 15 years and yes I’m frightened, but being scared of it also makes it twice as exciting. There has also been a big change this year for the school, firstly with a change of Headteacher, and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Miss Edgar to her first, of hopefully many, Commemoration Prize Givings. Not only this, this but a large change in the eyes of many of the girls is that this year was the last ever trip to Merville. I’m sure most people here will either know of or remember the annual Year 8 trip to France. I certainly do, it was my first trip travelling abroad without my family so it was full of excitement and apprehension. It was also the first time I realised how annoying my friends could be; what else do you expect when you spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a group of 40 girls? Although I’m sad that Merville is over I’m sure there will be other opportunities for Year 8 to become involved in. 

Trips are another of the major perks of being at Saint Martins, as it seems that no distance is too far for us to travel, well in Mr V’s eyes. This year I was lucky enough to travel with the school to visit China, and without sounding too cheesy, it was a life changing experience. Never before have I seen a place so struck with poverty in some places and yet so economically booming in others. The culture in itself was also something very different and we all felt slightly like celebrities with the Chinese people taking pictures of us due to how unusual it was to see foreigners in some areas of their country. The Sixth Form weren’t the only lucky ones to go abroad with school, as during the October half term Year 10 and 11 visited Rome. Next year, another equally exciting opportunity is on the horizon with a potential trip to New York and Washington for the Sixth form.

So as you can see another busy and fun filled year has taken place for everyone and that was only in regards to Drama and Trips. It seems no matter what age you are there is never a dull or boring moment here.


Samantha Galbraith, Deputy Head Girl 2014 – 2015