Girls' Voice

Automotive Designers of the Future

On Tuesday last week, 6H were thinking about their ideal car. They definitely thought of some weird and wonderful things to go inside their vehicles (and some to go on top).  Poppy Bamford had the creative idea of having a garden on her roof, whilst delicious chocolate fountains and driverless cars were all popular. Some girls got carried away and wanted water parks and beaches, but if we had all of these things, we would never want to get out of our cars.

We then skyped Mrs Ireland’s brother-in-law in America. He used to work in the car industry as an engineer. We told him all of our ideas and once he told us there were no silly ideas, we really went to town.

He also told us that many of the ideas were possible, like a double decker car, but would cost so much to run that no-one would be able to afford them. Some of our ideas had already been created, like the stretch Porsche that Rachel liked and Poppy’s grassy roof.

We learnt a lot about cars and had a great chat with America.

Bonnie Gordon-Young and Connie James on behalf of 6H