Choosing a Private School

5 Factors Every Parent Should Consider When Choosing a Private School

When it comes to your child’s education only the very best will do, and with a number of girls’ schools claiming to offer the highest academic results, plus all the extras, it can be difficult to choose and gain the right place.

As a leading girls’ school, Solihull-based Saint Martin’s understands the importance of choosing the right educational establishment for your child to thrive in for the coming years. Here we offer just five of the main factors that every parent should consider when scouring the independent school market.

High academic results

Whether you are looking to enrol your child for nursery, primary, secondary or sixth form education, ensuring that the school you choose can be entrusted to assist them in their achievements is vital. By reviewing the school’s past exam results, many parents can gain a clear picture of their reputation and make a fitting decision for their daughter.

While other factors will come into play, selecting a school with high academic results at all levels will ensure your child has the best possible success and can be nurtured in their own education accordingly.


Independent education does come at a cost, however, it’s not the price of the fees but their value that should matter. At Saint Martin’s Girls’ School we charge tuition fees per term for our reception pupils right up to our sixth form students. Our nursery provisions are more flexible with fees due daily, and full days and early morning, late morning or afternoon sessions available.

While there are fee planning schemes, allowances and scholarships accessible to selected pupils, gauging whether the fees offer great value is important. Look at the facilities and educational opportunities that will be made available to your child to assess this factor accurately.

Opportunities for additional learning

In addition to providing a traditional curriculum that is designed to help your child succeed academically through their time in nursery, primary, secondary or sixth form, the opportunities for additional learning should be made available.

Extra-curricular activities and enrichment should form a vital part of every child’s education, and can help them progress outside of the classroom to the career of their choice. After school activities are an important part of life at Saint Martin’s. We encourage supervised play, art, craft and other activities for younger girls up to Year 3, whilst providing an exceptional level of after school care for pupils of all ages.

Activity schemes for boys and girls throughout the area are also run during the school holidays.

Education through the ages

Having access to a stable, reputable and ambitious learning environment from nursery to sixth form can provide the security that many need to succeed. At Saint Martin’s Girls’ School, we provide exceptional provisions for pupils ensuring that everyone has the support they need and can establish lifelong friendships.

Parental involvement

Your involvement as a parent is essential, and having the opportunities to stay connected to your child’s education can provide a great amount of support. Independent schools with parent associations in place supply excellent opportunities for parents to socialise with other parents, the Head and teaching staff, whilst supporting their child’s education and the rest of the school.

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