The 5 things that have an impact on your daughter’s education


Although it is down to the individual learner herself to achieve the best from her education, there are other aspects that can affect the way your daughter progresses. At St Martin’s school Solihull we tailor our education and teaching styles to suit your daughter with regular one to one sessions so we can ultimately provide the best care and attention so your daughter can thrive within the classroom.

We have put together the 5 most important things that play a part in the way your daughter learns. These are:

School reputation – Our high achieving students have topped the board again with their outstanding GCSE and A Level results. We have been rated Top Smaller School in England for the second year running due to our 100% pass rate at A level.

The teaching staff – Our highly qualified staff are dedicated to teaching your daughter to aim high and work to her full potential. The teachers at St Martin’s school Solihull are experts in the education of girls, supporting your daughter throughout her education.

Classroom environment – Being a private school means our classroom sizes are remarkably smaller than your average state school 30-pupil-per-class size. Therefore our staff are able to give your daughter their individual care and attention with one-to-one sessions and mentoring when needed.

The other learners – Being an all-girls school sometimes daunts parents who aren’t aware of the benefits of a single-sex school. Girls tend to mature physically, mentally and emotionally earlier than boys therefore our girls are not held back in any way so they can mature at their own pace. What most parents believe is that subjects more popular to males get forgotten about such as sport or design and technology however at St Martin’s school Solihull, subject choices are not polarised into traditional male and female subjects so your daughter still has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of topics regardless of gender.

The facilities available – Regardless of the subjects your daughter studies at whatever age she is, having the best facilities available for her to use enables her to not only improve her academic progress but also the extra-curricular activities involved too. At St Martin’s school Solihull we have an All Weather pitch, a swimming pool and other fitness facilities including a brand new dance studio that enables our girls to improve their fitness levels and knowledge within sport. Our classrooms are well-equipped with the latest learning technologies.

School Calendar

  • 23 May
    ABRSM Music Exams
  • 23 May
    Year 1 Trip to Birmingham Nature Centre
  • 23 May
    Reception Class Assembly
  • 24 May
    Year 10 River Conwy data collection, Wales
  • 26 May
    Half Term begins